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Then again, this means that Carrie’s married name is Carrie Fisher. He’s married to country superstar Carrie Underwood. Except the Hawk fans make it worse, but cheering throughout the National Anthem, even when the Preds bring in country music superstars, like Vince Gill, a season ticketholder from Day One. And Tennessee people don’t like Arkansas, […]

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Well, it’s about the money: MLB makes money off Interleague play; and, for the Mets, every home game against the Yankees, the team Met fans hate more than all the others combined, is a guaranteed sellout. In the United array, if small pea is the king of the bench, then Van Persie is a true […]

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After several years with Under Armour, who experimented a lot with other designs, Saints moved to Hummel from this summer and are back in their famous red and white stripes. Anyway, below are the new Premier League kits for the 2021-22 season which have been released, so far, and we will update this over the […]

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March 25 2019 during its six year long partnership with nike manchester city has won six major trophies. The only player in history who has won Ballon d’Or, FIFA World Player, Pichichi Trophy, and Golden Boot in the same season. They also have a mosaic paying tribute to the 2 most famous baseball teams from […]

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There’s also Before the Machine: The Story of the 1961 Pennant-Winning Reds by Mark J. Schmetzer and Greg Rhodes, issued on the 50th Anniversary of that team. Nor are there any anniversary commemorations on these days. In time for the team’s 10th Anniversary in 2008, Craig Leipold published Hockey Tonk: The Amazing Story of the […]

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Follow them, and you shouldn’t have a problem. One thing that is not is the planes taking off from neighboring LaGuardia International Airport: I think moving the field a few hundred yards to the east actually made the problem worse. The road around Shea Stadium, and now the one around Citi Field, were named Casey […]

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The Mets and Dodgers have played each other in 2 Playoff series, while the Yanks and Dodgers have played each other in 4 World Series after the move (but none in the last 30 years). Check: Mets vs. Phillies (and formerly Yankees vs. Check: Yankees vs. White Sox, Mets vs. Check: The Dodgers moved from […]

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Really like this from Burnley. Indeed, he looks more like something you’d find on The Muppet Show than at a hockey game. Their mascot is named Iceburgh, and he looks nothing like either of the logos the team has worn over the years. Logos of microphones in honor of broadcasters Waite Hoyt, Joe Nuxhall and […]

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Nashville people don’t like Memphis people. And Tennessee people don’t like Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida people — holdovers from college football rivalries. Nashville, like most (but not all) of Tennessee, is in the Central Time Zone, an hour behind us. He hit 370 home runs at a time when very few players had hit more […]

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And a new house for the Opry was planned. The Opry has returned every winter, while still broadcasting from its new home the rest of the year. It was able to reopen in 6 months, while the show was broadcast from the Ryman and other Nashville locations. The old address was 900 5th Avenue North, […]